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I'll Let The Others Brag...
My name is Jerome Knyszewski and I can hardly summarize WHO I am and WHAT I do better than the hundreds of endorsements, reviews, testimonials and recommendations you will find on my LinkedIn profile(without sounding full of myself), so please, see what others say about me.

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Jerome Knyszewski | Reputation management | reputation marketing

(I am SO humbled by the support of my expert peers, coaching students, corporate clients and followers)

Jerome is a phenomenal marketer who really cares about every single client he works with. He has an excellent eye for detail, utmost integrity, and is constantly growing himself.
I recommend him VERY highly.
Rachel Rofe

Jerome is one of the "good guys" in the Marketing world. I've had the opportunity to talk to him in person on a number of occasions, and it's easy to see that he is the type of person who truly cares about the success of others - be it his clients, customers, or colleagues.

They don't call him "007" for nothing either! He has a knack for coming up with unique approaches to Marketing his clients services/products, while increasing their return on investment.

If you are a business owner and you are looking for someone to help you with your Marketing, Reputation Management, or anything else, I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Jerome.
I promise you won't be disappointed

Jason Stepp

Jerome was one of the first people who taught me about Internet marketing -- if you have questions, he has the answers and, more importantly, the strategies. Jerome is knowledgeable in every facet: from finding clients to identifying what services to provide. He’s helped with cold-calling and video marketing techniques, and is an expert in local search and reputation management strategies. Thanks, Jerome!
Sue Weiss

One of the most valuable things to your business (if not the MOST valuable thing) is your reputation. Jerome is *THE* Go to guy when it comes to managing your reputation online! If you want fast results and customers pouring into your business that already trust you, Jerome is your guy
Brian Bagnall

200+ written recommendations 

I am very passionate about helping other businesses.
With my clients I don't offer tips and theories, we work out proven strategies and step by step blue prints.

Your business growth is my business expertise, and I take my business very seriously, even though I don't take myself too seriously, so feel comfortable to reach out and let's see if we are a fit.

My coaching is what yields the best results as my clients acquire my expertise and implement my proven strategies to reach their goals.

PLEASE take the time to read on my LinkedIn Profile what others say about me, and then, if you think I may help you as well, please contact me, and I will help you move forward successfully.

I connect ONLY via LinkedIn, so PLEASE, go visit my profile and see if we are fit, thank you
Best regards

Jerome 007 Knyszewski.

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